Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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2020 Pelotonia Volunteer Suggestions

2020 Pelotonia Volunteer Suggestions

We are so thankful for all of Pelotonia’s legendary Volunteers! Even though we won’t have a physical Ride this year, we are excited to have you continue your participation in Pelotonia this summer, defining your goals through My Pelotonia. If you had a volunteer role you loved during Pelotonia Ride Weekend in the past, we put together a list of suggestions of places you can Volunteer this summer that are similar!

Handed out PB&J’s to Riders at rest stops –> Volunteer or donate food to local food banks. Some of our suggestions below even reside along Pelotonia routes!

Provided food or beverages –> Host or financially sponsor a meal for homeless families staying at the YWCA Columbus’ Family Center.

Rode in or drove a SAG Vehicle –> Deliver meals to community members through LifeCare Alliance or teach your network how to change a bike tire through Zoom or Facebook Live!

Helped with First Aid –> Donate blood to help fulfill the urgent need.

Cheered –> This year, instead of cheering on Riders as they cross the finish line, chalk your driveway, trails, sidewalks, etc. with words of encouragement to cheer on Pelotonia Legends who are working toward their Pelotonia goals! Showcase your art on social media with #PelotoniaPostivity.

Making masks? The following organizations are looking for donations:

  • Department of Job & Family Services – In conjunction with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, each Ohio county has a separate Children Services Agency, where there is a constant need for volunteers and donations, specifically of PPE and fabric face masks to protect those going into homes and out into the community. Click here for contact information for your county‚Äôs office to reach out for available volunteer opportunities or donation needs.
  • Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio
  • YWCA Columbus – Please contact Naomi Merino ( to schedule a drop-off.

Looking for more opportunities? Several local organizations offer updated volunteer opportunities:

  • Besa – Besa coordinates community-wide service projects. Every project is led by a Besa Volunteer Leader.
  • Serve Ohio – ServeOhio is the state’s Commission on Service and Volunteerisn created to empower local communities to mobilize AmeriCorps members and volunteer resources for the purpose of building a stronger Ohio
  • Columbus Gives Back – CGB provides social volunteer and philanthropic opportunities for young professionals, creating a culture of community engagement in central Ohio.

Let us know what places you volunteer at and how your experience is! Thank you again for donating your time and talents to those who need it and for continuing to Volunteer through the My Pelotonia platform. And be sure to check back on this blog as we will be making updates with more suggestions!

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