Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Support Local Guide

Support Local Guide

During this time of uncertainty, we want to shower support on local businesses that are still open. They’ve supported us and now it’s our turn to support them! Every order or gift card purchase makes a difference and helps ensure these establishments can continue providing their goods and services in the future.

Below is a list of local Pelotonia supporters who remain open for carryout or delivery. This list will be updated regularly as we receive new information.

Belmont Deli – Caroline Phillips-Stevens is the owner of Belmont Deli. She’s a 12-year Pelotonia Rider and has raised over $34,000 for innovative cancer research. Belmont Deli is available for pick-up and delivery on Grubhub and Ubereats, Monday – Friday, 8am-4pm.

Bob Evans Restaurants – Team Bob Evans has not only raised over $287,000 for Pelotonia, but also hosted the 55-mile start and Saturday lunch break! Bob Evans is currently open for carryout and delivery (free delivery!).

BrewDog – BrewDog has donated beer in the past for Pelotonia events and right now their beer is available for delivery to your house!

Brassica and North Star Cafe – Brassica and North Star are open for carryout and curbside delivery.

City Barbeque – City Barbeque has fueled Pelotonia Riders and Volunteers post Ride Weekend! City Barbeque is open for carryout and delivery on DoorDash.

Donatos – Donatos has powered the Pelotonia community with pizza since 2010 and has raised over $485,000 as a Peloton! Donatos is open for low contact delivery and carryout.

Duchess Shoppes/Englefield Oil – Duchess Shoppes/Englefield Oil was a first-year Peloton in 2019 and raised over $40,000 for innovative cancer research! Duchess Shoppes are open in the Central Ohio area for carryout items and to fuel your tank.

Freshii – Freshii has raised over $40,000 as a Peloton and provides healthy meals for the community! Freshii is open for carryout.

FUSIAN – FUSIAN’s owner, Zach, is a 5-year Rider! FUSIAN is open for carryout, delivery, and has a new FUSIAN grocery store and family meal kits.

Homage – How many of your shirts in your Pelotonia collection are Homage?? Shop Homage online and support local organizations with special ongoing collections. (NOTE: They are currently not shipping, per Ohio’s recent stay-at-home order)

Hot Chicken Takeover – Hot Chicken Takeover locations are temporarily closed, but they are offering discounts on gift cards for when they reopen and an option to tip their staff.

Jeni’s – Jeni’s has provided hundreds of scoops for the community and has even participated in Pelotonia as a Peloton! Jeni’s ice cream can be delivered to your doorstep or to your great-aunt’s doorstep in Maryland..

Land Grant – Can’t wait until July for a One Goal, One Rye’d beer? Get Land Grant beer delivered to your doorstep.

Panera – Panera is open for carryout, drive through and free delivery.

Piada Italian Street Food – Piada has raised over $75,000 for innovative cancer research as a Peloton! Piada is open for to-go, online ordering and DoorDash. They are also providing student discounts and have an ongoing Kids Free Lunch Program for the community.

Roosevelt Coffee – The Pelotonia HQ is fueled by our neighbors at Roosevelt Coffee every morning. Order coffee to your house, or have a bag sent to a healthcare worker!

Taft’s Brewporium – Another beloved Pelotonia HQ neighbor! Taft’s is open and available for To-Go and our staff recommends the cheese tots!

The Butcher & Grocer – The Butcher & Grocer is open for carryout or curbside pickup.

Velvet Ice Cream – Who doesn’t love a gallon of Velvet Ice Cream, especially when it supports Pelotonia! Pick up some Velvet Ice Cream the next time you head out to the grocery store.

White Castle – The White Castle Peloton has raised over $175,000 for Pelotonia and keeps hungry Riders fed at the Kenyon finish! White Castle is open for carryout, drive through, and even delivery.

Zest Juice – A previous sponsor, Zest Juice keeps us hydrated and happy. Zest Juice Co is open for carryout and you can even order online and pick up in store!

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