Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Get to know Pelotonia Rider Jill Williams

Get to know Pelotonia Rider Jill Williams

Every day we’re privileged to hear inspiring stories from the Pelotonia community. We hope to share about some of Pelotonia’s incredible Riders, Volunteers, Virtual Riders, and Donors through our blog.

In this post, you’ll learn more about Jill Williams, a Rider entering her third Pelotonia in 2020. She had always heard about Pelotonia but received a nudge to ride a couple years ago that made Pelotonia’s mission even more personal.

Pelotonia: How did you first hear about Pelotonia? 

Jill: Through my employer – Diamond Hill. The firm has been a long-time supporter of Pelotonia.

P: Why did you personally start participating? 

J: I’m an active person and initially was drawn to the physical challenge.  I had excuses about why I couldn’t participate each year. Then both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. It was very difficult watching the debilitating impact on their lives. I was blown away by the expertise, hospitality and cutting edge capabilities that I experienced through the significant amount of time I spent with my mom at The James.  Supporting cancer research was the only way I felt I could help.  It was through this experience that I became committed to riding in Pelotonia and fundraising to support cancer research and The James Cancer Hospital. 

P: How do you prepare for Pelotonia?

J: I prepare by doing a couple of training rides between my kids’ activities and busy schedule, usually on Saturday mornings.  I also enjoy running, which is logistically easier for me, so I balance that in when I can.  Opening Ceremony is where I prepare emotionally.  I take time to reflect and write my parents’ names on the wall.  I remind myself of their struggles and achievements and celebrate the upcoming ride with friends, coworkers, and community members.

P: What’s been the most impactful part for you about participating in Pelotonia? 

J: Primarily being able to support my Mom and Dad by helping with research to end cancer. Secondarily, the support of the community is unbelievable.  Watching all of the survivors along the course takes the impact beyond my personal motivations to the countless people diagnosed with this terrible disease throughout the world and preventing it for future generations.  

P: How do you get your kids involved?  

J: My two boys have unfortunately had exposure to this scary illness by watching their grandparents suffer through treatment and the after effects.  They help their grandparents and the overall cause by running a lemonade stand during our annual neighborhood garage sale.  The boys are humbled to give all of their sales to my Ride. I match their sales personally and then my employer matches our combined donation 100%.

P: What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting involved with Pelotonia? 

J: Do it. It’s an incredible experience, no matter how you participate.  Don’t wait for cancer to hit home before you help with research to find the cause and end the terrible disease.

Why do you participate in Pelotonia? Share your story with us today.

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