Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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The Top 5 Pelotonia Gifts this Season

The Top 5 Pelotonia Gifts this Season

The holidays are here, and we know that everyone is busy running to holiday parties, shopping, and preparing for family get-togethers. Sometimes coming up with gift ideas can be challenging, that’s why our team put together a list of favorite gifts idea for Pelotonia participants. We hope this list will make your holiday shopping a bit easier (and less stressful!)


Top 5 gifts for a Pelotonia supporter this season

1. Pet Lover

For the pet lover in your family, help them take the lead with a Pelotonia leash and collar. Even pets can show off their Pelotonia pride. #BestPetsEver

Pelotonia Leash

2. Spirits and Cheer

Pelotonia rocks glasses are the perfect gift to spread cheer during the holidays and all year long. Toast to good times with a delicious cocktail on the rocks or maybe milk or fresh juice, if that’s more your thing. Throw in an at-home whiskey tasting or a bottle of your choice, and you’ll really make their day! These glasses are also a great way to start a conversation when enjoying beverages with your friends (and who knows, maybe it’ll lead to an extra donation to help end cancer.)

Pelotonia Rocks Glass

3. Workout enthusiast

The Pelotonia Force Water Bottle and the Pelotonia Power Water Bottle will help keep those in the gym or out on the trail fueled and hydrated. These bad boys will keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours – talk about insulation!  If the workout enthusiast isn’t on your list this holiday season, don’t worry. These water bottles will also keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Perfect for your hot tea or coffee when you need to run out the door. Pelotonia Power Water Bottle

4. The Explorer

For those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors, the One Goal Pom Hat and the One Goal Comfy hoodie will be the perfect addition to their wardrobe. These sweatshirts are so comfy (hence their name) and will help keep those wearing them warm all winter long.Pelotonia Comfy Hoodie

The One Goal Pom hat will keep that noggin of yours nice and warm (and of course, in style).  These two items are a top seller with the Pelotonia staff and are even good for lounging around the house.

Pelotonia Comfy Hoodie



5. The Woman Who Has Everything

For the woman who has everything… we have your answer. A brand new sterling silver Arrow Pendant Necklace.. These necklaces are simple and elegant and share Pelotonia pride with subtlety and grace.

Pelotonia Necklace

If these gifts aren’t what you’re looking for, feel free to shop the additional Pelotonia merchandise or donate to cancer research in the name of your recipient.

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