Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Pelotonia Creative Fundraising Ideas

Pelotonia Creative Fundraising Ideas

Now that you have joined the Greatest Team Ever it’s time to create impact through your fundraising.

We recommend checking out the Pelotonia Fundraising Toolkit.  This kit walks you through a monthly breakdown of suggestions to help you hit your fundraising goal.  It also shows you samples of donation request letters, social media suggestions, and talks about the P.A.R.T.Y method (if you’re not familiar – make sure to read today!)

Since the toolkit doesn’t cover everything that a Rider can do to fundraise, we, also, reached out to your peers to see what they’ve been doing to raise funds. Take a look at some of their creative fundraising ideas below.

Host a Fundraiser at a Local Restaurant

The Girls with Gears Peloton team hosts “Party with a Purpose: February Fiesta” at Local Cantina in Columbus, Ohio to help with their fundraising.  They took it up a notch and hosted the event on National Margarita Day, so of course, everyone wanted to attend!  They pulled together celebrity bartenders to help with the event, had a 50/50 raffle, door prizes, and music to make sure their customers truly enjoyed the fiesta!  They were also able to work with Local Cantina to get food and drink specials for their customers and put out tip jars to help raise additional funds for cancer research.  That evening they were able to raise $2,100 in tips and the event was an absolute blast.

Mow the Neighbors Lawn

Zack Meleg joined Pelotonia for the first-time last year, after being encouraged to participate by his employer, CoverMyMeds.  He wanted to do something to honor his Mother-In-Law who passed away after fighting cancer for 12 years.

He decided to start mowing his neighbors’ lawns to help him with his fundraising commitment. He said mowing lawns was easy for him, plus it’s a great way to get those steps in!   He utilized social media and flyers throughout the neighborhood to spread that word that he would be cutting grass for Pelotonia and was able to mow a few lawns a week.  In the end, he raised $400 from mowing lawns that would go straight to his Pelotonia fundraising commitment!

Host a Breakfast for your Company

The M/I Homes Peloton hosts a Pancakes for Pelotonia fundraiser every year in May to help kick off their fundraising.  The team reaches out to different departments to sponsor raffle baskets.  The baskets range from spa gift packages to grilling gear, to parking spots in the company’s covered garage. Usually, there are 10-15 baskets to be raffled.  They also invite Executives a.k.a “celebrity pancake flippers” to help make and serve the pancakes.  Pelotonia team members sell tickets for the raffle baskets and collect $3 from their employees who would like to enjoy the pancake breakfast.  Last year the team raised over $2,000 on this day to put into their team’s Peloton Funds.

Paint Street Signs

Bud Abraham has been participating in Pelotonia since year one!  He is a Cancer Survivor, a Rider and last year he also participated as a Volunteer on Sunday after his ride.  He has had to come up with creative ways to fundraise each year, but last year he noticed the street signs and stop signs in his neighborhood needed some TLC.  He reached out to the HOA and learned that those were the responsibility of the HOA and not the city.  Instead of hiring a painter to update them, Bud asked the HOA to supply the materials and volunteered to paint them for a donation.  He was performing two acts of service – raising money for cancer research and helping to make his community beautiful!  After all was said and done Bud was able to paint 68 street signs and the HOA donated $600 towards his ride.  It might have taken him a few months, but “it was well worth it!”

Host a Euchre Tournament

Jennifer Jenks and her sister, Kathleen Green, came up with the idea of hosting a Euchre tournament while they were playing Euchre during a family get-together.  Having lost their brother to colon cancer, they are very passionate about spending time with family and friends and raising money for cancer research.  What better way than to pull everyone together than hosting a classic card tournament?!  They have been hosting this tournament for eight years and raise around $1,000 each time. That’s over $8,000 in eight years, just from playing a game they love to play, and spending time with family and friends! They spread the word by sending out flyers, emails, and utilizing their network of friends and family. They just hosted their fundraiser on March 3rd this year and raised $900!

Indoor Spin-a-Thon 

Drew Clevenger and his team put their riding caps together and decided to do a 12-hour indoor ride with other Peloton members in their Cleveland office. Drew and his team had a group of riders set up their bikes on trainers and tossed a helmet out in front to collect donations.  Riders would keep the bike pedaling all day, tapping out to another rider when they got tired, or if a rider signed up for a certain shift on the bike.  Throughout the course of the day, their team was able to over $1,200 in donations for Pelotonia.

If you want to try this and your coworkers don’t have trainers, we’ve heard about other companies doing this and working with local spinning businesses to bring in stationary bikes.

Host a Garage Sale

Kara Weaver originally started participating in Pelotonia because she was inspired by her sister-in-law’s first ride.  Now she is getting ready to ride in her 5th Pelotonia and participates in honor of three loved ones who have passed away from cancer. Most recently her Uncle passed away from stage 4 lung cancer.  To help fundraise for both her and her husband’s ride, their family hosts a garage sale at their home.  They reach out to friends and family to make them aware of the garage sale and offer to collect items that they no longer need. She says, “it gives them (friends and family) the chance to help out if they can’t financially donate to our ride.” Each year they have raised between $600 – $800 dollars for their ride by hosting two sales, one before the ride and the second after the ride.  They love getting their son, Lloyd, involved as well.  “He’s happy to sell his old toys to help raise money for the cause!”

Get Crafty

Victoria Schroeder participates in Pelotonia because she wants to “be able to say [she] did something bigger than [herself].”  She wants to be the “change [she] wants to see in the world.” She does a combination of different fundraisers as a High Roller and has raised $60,000 for Pelotonia in the past six years!  One of her most creative fundraisers is selling wine and liquor bottles that she turns into tiki torches.  She partnered with two local bars and picked up their empty bottles for the project (talk about recycling!).  From there she made over 150 torches and sold them for $20, or 2 for $30. To market her events and the tiki torches she puts them on Facebook, sells the torches at different fundraisers, craft shows, and business expos.  Last year alone she was able to raise $1,100 from the tiki torches and will be continuing to make them again this year!

Get Your Kids Involved

Erin and Mark Fitzpatrick have made fundraising for Pelotonia a family affair.  Erin will celebrate her 4th time riding in Pelotonia and Mark’s 3rd in 2018.  They participate in Pelotonia because “[they] owe The James Mark’s life.” Mark was treated at The James for tongue cancer 9 years ago and participating in Pelotonia is their way of thanking them.  They have gotten their family involved in multiple fundraisers including an all-out hamburger dinner party with raffles, silent auction and more, making bath bombs to sell, creating and selling fidget spinners made out of bicycle parts, and a car wash. This past year they had the kids plan, promote, and put on a car wash at their local AutoZone.  It allowed the kids the opportunity to learn how to plan a fun event, make money for a great cause, and get them involved in Pelotonia since they were not old enough to ride.  Their kids raised $1,000 from the car wash and were so incredibly excited.  Although only one of them will be old enough to ride this year, they know that eventually, all their children will be Riders.


The creativity and talents of the Pelotonia community is truly amazing!  All of these great efforts to help accelerate funding for innovative cancer research.  How have you raised money for Pelotonia in the past?  Send us your stories to today or comment below.


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  1. Zach Gilligan - April 2, 2018

    I put together a March Madness squares board. For only $20 a square you entered into a contest to win up to $1,000 during the men’s NCAA tournament. Every game paid out a winner based on the winning teams final score and the losing teams final score (last digit of each score). The remaining $1,000 not paid out to winners went straight to my ride, giving me a great head start on fundraising this year!

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