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The Scotts Kid Takes On His Next Adventure

The Scotts Kid Takes On His Next Adventure

Years ago, Rob Goodwin, a Pelotonia Rider from Candlewood Lake, Ohio, went on a West Coast motorcycle trip adventure where he met a variety of other travelers throughout his path.  One of those travelers introduced himself as “Wolf.”  “Wolf” was the name he used when going on adventures, and he told Rob, “you always need a travel name.”  Now, Rob a.k.a “The Scotts Kid” is preparing for his next adventure.

Rob has worked for Scotts Miracle Gro for the past 9 years and says that it is the “absolute best company to work for, not only for their treatment of associates and customers but for their commitment to making the Earth a better place.”  This April he is planning to retire from Scotts and decided that his travel name is a way to thank them for all they have done for him, as well as everything they are doing to eradicate cancer.

After retirement, on April 30th, Rob will be setting off on his next big adventure but this time it’s not a motorcycle ride.  Instead, he will be cycling across the United States.  His goal while riding?  Raise one million dollars for cancer research and his ride for Pelotonia.  He wants to compete with the “big guys” (larger Pelotons who raise millions of dollars) and prove to himself that it’s possible for one person to make a difference if they put their mind to it.


The Scotts Kid


Rob started riding in Pelotonia 7 years ago just because he enjoyed cycling. “Most people assume you have been impacted by cancer if you’re riding.  I hadn’t been.”  That was until 5 years ago when his mother was diagnosed with brain cancer.  “That’s when it hit me. You realize how truly pervasive cancer is and how many people have been impacted.”  That year, Pelotonia became more than just a bike ride for him.

“Of course, I’m riding for my Mother, but I’m also riding for everyone else.  It’s amazing to me that one thing can impact so many different people in so many ways.  I’m tired of cancer and we need to do something about it. The sad reality is that cancer will at some point negatively impact your life either directly or through a family member or friend.”

Rob had been contemplating what he was going to do once he retired.  He had always been very adventurous as a kid, but once he had his own children, they became his big adventure.  Now his kids are all grown and out of the house, so retirement sounded like the perfect time to set out on his next adventure.  His original plan was to hike the Appalachian Trail with his wife, but once he started thinking about it and the impact that Pelotonia was having on his life, and others, he realized he wanted to do something better.  Something that would make an impact for others.  That is when the idea of biking across the U.S came about.  “My wife thinks I’m trying to get away from her,” he shared with a laugh.  “That’s obviously not the case.  I promised her no more extended adventures unless we do it together.”

Rob is very flexible about his exact route.  He knows two things, one, he’ll be traveling South and West to make sure he can take advantage of warmer weather, and second, he wants to ride along these specific Routes: Route 36, 50 and 66. He is the most excited about Route 66 as he remembers watching the movie “Route 66” as a kid and would love to bike along that Route.  “I can even sing the song as I’m riding!”

The kicker? He’s doing this old school.  He won’t be relying on his phone or technology to get him there.  He will be using a printed 4×6 inch map of the US, that will sit between his handlebars, to chart his course. Rob’s goal is to hit 3 cities along the routes each day.  He plans to stay an hour in each dropping off letters about his ride, talking about Pelotonia, and talking to other cancer advocates, at local restaurants, fire stations, and other community gathering places.

Where will he sleep? He’s just going to pitch a tent!  Yes, you read that right.  A TENT! Rob worked with Dave at Baer Wheels to help him pick out the right bags and racks to add to his bike, which he named “Miracle Go,” so that he can carry a sleeping bag and a tent for his journey.  Right now, his bike can hold up to 80 pounds.  “Who knows, maybe I’ll meet another rider, cancer advocate, or just a kind person in those communities who will be willing to let me sleep in a warm bed one evening.”

The Scotts Kid


The trek will take quite a while, but have no fear, Rob plans to make sure that he is back in time for Pelotonia in August.  “I plan to ride 10 hours a day, anywhere between 10 – 18 mph depending on the weather conditions and road conditions.”  He will make sure that regardless of where he gets to, he will be back for Pelotonia weekend, as he promised to ride with his nephew, Chris, again this year.  Chris and Rob have ridden together for the past two years, and this year is no different.  He also mentioned that Chris is expecting their first child within two weeks of Pelotonia, so he must be back!




Not only does he have riding in Pelotonia with Chris to look forward to when he gets back, but his middle son, Joseph, is getting married in September in their backyard!  “My wife, Jill, is pretty worried that the yard won’t be ready, but I know the right people to call (Scotts Miracle Gro).  I have made a promise to her that it’ll be ready for the wedding weekend, as she is helping to make this possible for me.”

He’s looking forward to all the new people he will meet, the new places he will see, and getting back to Candlewood, Ohio in time for his son’s wedding. Hopefully, we will see pictures of him next year rocking Pelotonia gear while hiking the Appalachian Trail with Jill.

The Scotts Kid


If you want to follow Rob Goodwin’s adventure throughout the U.S.A. he will be blogging daily and posting to  We will be following along to track his journey and hope that you do as well!

Is he was worried about the trip or the fundraising? “Nope. I’ve got a Miracle behind me.”



Feel free to drop him a donation to help get him one step closer to one million dollars raised for cancer research!  100% of every single dollar goes to cancer research.


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  1. Tom Etheridge - March 15, 2018

    No doubt in my mind Rob will make it across the US and raise $1M.

  2. George Harmon - March 15, 2018

    What a fantastic guy with such a deep seated commitment ! ! He is my very good friend and Candlewood Lake neighbor. I and my family will be riding in spirit on his handlebars encouraging him all the way there and back home.

  3. Holley Howard - April 26, 2018

    Good luck and God bless you on your journey.

  4. Debbie Miracle - May 1, 2018

    Go Rob Go!!! We have you and Jill in our thoughts and prayers! You have two additional Miracles in your corner.

  5. Heather Sheeley - May 11, 2018

    Wow, Rob! This is an awesome story and I wish you the best on your journey!!

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