Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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The Grandview/Marble Cliff Team Goes Whole Hog for Pelotonia – and Its Captain

The Grandview/Marble Cliff Team Goes Whole Hog for Pelotonia – and Its Captain

The Grandview/Marble Cliff Peloton team recently got together for a Pig Roast Pelotonia Party and to celebrate a very successful 2016 Pelotonia ride.

It was an emotional evening for Rich Broderick, the founder and Captain of the Peloton – and a prostate cancer survivor.

The team had 13 Riders and raised $22,000 in 2013, its first year. That’s a pretty great start.

This year the Peloton included 40 Riders, 1 Virtual Rider and 3 Volunteers. Together they raised more than $104,000 (and counting), Rich said as he stood before about 75 people at Wyman Woods Park in Grandview Heights.  And then Rich reaffirmed what he’d already told everyone in an email: His time as the team Captain is coming to an end.

There was a tear in Rich’s eye as he announced the news and thanked everyone for their contributions. Over the years, Rich has helped the Grandview Heights and Marble Cliffs communities come together as Riders, Virtual Riders, Volunteers and donors. The team fundraises together, rides together and socializes together. The Peloton has become a great model for how to build a community-based team of friends and neighbors.

“It’s been amazing to watch and see how he’s taken charge and made it into what it’s become,” said Elaine, who also rides.

Why is Rich so dedicated to Pelotonia?

“It’s the fact that he’s a survivor,” Elaine said.

The members of the Peloton had a surprise up their sleeve for Rich: a framed jersey that was signed by members of the team.

It was the idea – and the jersey – of Jerry Bower.

“Rich is a caring guy and well loved by everyone,” Jerry said.

The jersey was the one Jerry wore during his 2016 Pelotonia ride. Don’t worry, he got it dry cleaned, by one of the team’s many sponsors: Starlite Cleaners.

Rich developed a great fundraising model: He solicits donations from several local sponsors, whose names adorn the Peloton’s jersey. The money from these sponsors is the “seed” money that funds the team’s many fundraising efforts, so that every dollar these fundraisers raise goes to Pelotonia. And yes, this is the same model Pelotonia uses.

For example, Rich rents several lawn aerating machines every year. Team member Mark Schaefer then organizes and leads the Peloton’s annual aerating of local lawns. It raised more than $10,000 this year. Other fundraisers included a pizza night and wine tasting.

Rich works for Roush Honda, which was one of the first sponsors to sign on to support Team Grandview/Marble Cliff.

It was an easy call, said Roush CEO Jeff Brindley. “We see that passion in Rich every day and you can’t go wrong when you back someone with that much passion.”

Rich is well known to the Pelotonia staff.

“Rich is amazing,” said Susie Pattison, Pelotonia’s Director of Rider Recruitment and Stewardship. She attended the party to thank Rich. “Whenever he walks into the office and we hear his voice, everyone is so excited and jumps up to say hello.”

A new Captain has not yet been named. And while Rich will no longer lead the Grandview/Marble Cliff Peloton, he’ll continue to ride and raise money. Was there ever a doubt?

“I will always ride and stay involved in Pelotonia at some level,” Rich said. “I’ve had a great run as Captain and I’m so grateful how everything’s turned out.”


Steve Wartenberg ThumnailSteve Wartenberg is a journalist, cyclist and longtime Pelotonia Rider. Steve is one of just a
handful who have pedalled every mile of every Pelotonia.  This year he is going above and beyond his fundraising efforts as a High Roller!




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