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Alex Kip: The Epilogue

Alex Kip: The Epilogue

The first time I searched through the Pelotonia blog archives, one category stood out to me. The category was a person’s name: Alex Kip. The “Alex Kip” category had 20 blog entries. After reading through the entries, Alex Kip read more like a short story. The Rider took us through Alex’s story chapter by chapter. By the end of the series, there were a total of 20 chapters detailing Alex’s battle with cancer. (All are linked at the bottom of the page) 

Alex battled Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Type B) cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer one month before he graduated from the University of Michigan’s school of theatre and drama. While his friends moved to New York in hopes of following their Broadway dreams, Alex came home to Gahanna for treatment at The James.

Those of you, who followed his story, know it was a bumpy ride. When Alex rode in Pelotonia 10, he seemed to be getting better, but after the ride things were not as they appeared. Doctors gave Alex a 30 percent chance of survival when his tumor resisted treatment. But somehow Alex became one of the 30 percent and his tumor shrank into oblivion.

Once Alex was in remission, he headed to New York to follow his Broadway dream, which is where the final chapter of the “Alex Kip” category section ended last fall. Since Alex’s story on the Pelotonia blog is basically a novel, here is its epilogue.

This year, we are excited that Alex Kip will be the ride announcer for Pelotonia 12.

Alex recently flew to Columbus from New York to take a mini-vacation from chasing his dream as an actor and playwright, but he couldn’t leave his work completely. Alex is performing the world premiere of his play, My Other Voice, which was inspired by his battle with cancer. His play will debut with a short preview performance to benefit Pelotonia on Wednesday, August 1 at Gahanna Lincoln Theatre, followed by full performances on Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4.

Event details can be found here:

It doesn’t appear that the “Alex Kip” category is going to stop growing. As Alex continues to chase his dreams, we will follow him along the way.

Click here to watch the promotional video of My Other Voice.  

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Written By: Melissa Thompson 

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