Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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My Pelotonia 11 Ride (Part 3): Linda Kass

My Pelotonia 11 Ride (Part 3): Linda Kass

Pelotonia was the first century ride for Linda Kass. She struggled up the hills, but kept going, battled the heat and was starting to wilt a bit after 80 miles…

But like an oasis in a desert, a single, red-brick house appeared and in the middle of the front lawn was a large, blue bin filled with ice and bottles of water. Another cyclist was sitting on the porch, drinking a bottle of water next to a tall stack of water bottles. It seemed like no one was at the house, but clearly the water was meant for us.

That's Linda in the middle with a couple of her Team Bexley teammates Mark Rinkov (L) and Less Hess. Only 102 miles to go!

A few more cyclists slowed to check out this unofficial water stop. Next thing we knew, the owner and his two 20-something sons appeared with a garden hose, offering to cool us off with a spray of cold water. I took him up on his offer and had him spray my arms. Another rider asked me to hose him down.

By this time, 20 riders had parked their bikes and treated themselves to water and a rest. I decided I needed a complete hose down and took off my helmet for the full effect. Thanks to this thoughtful family, I returned to the road feeling ready to go the distance.

The tree-enclosed trail to Athens, despite the welcomed shade and level surface, felt like the longest 12 miles of the journey. The crowds at the Athens finish were wildly cheering as each rider cycled through. As I rode through to the end, I felt immense gratefulness. Grateful to have the good health to be able to undertake something so physically challenging, grateful to Pelotonia for offering me this wonderful opportunity to give back and to honor all the family and friends for whom I ride: those survivors of cancer, those currently struggling to fight this disease, and those who lost their battle, some of whom are so very dear to my heart. The thought that there is the chance to end cancer in our lifetimes is why we ride Pelotonia.

Linda S. Kass, Team Bexley peloton



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  1. Lee Schneider - August 25, 2011

    Linda, Your comments expressed my feelings also, but I could not put it into words that well. I felt physically drained as I approached the finish line at Athens, I suddenly was overcome with emotional feelings about the being able to participate with so many role models and inspiring people linked arm to arm in this cause. At the same time I was thinking of all the people, friends, family members, supporters that I was representing and honoring. It is really not about a pedaling extravaganza or a race-it is a cohesive group working together to create a cancer-free world. Good job on completing a tough 102 miles ride to Athens-you’re small but mighty!!!

    • Carol Wass - August 25, 2011

      Linda, you are such a trooper. Your words express my thoughts also. This was physically my most challenging event but my emotions let loose upon my arrival to Athens and I couldn’t believe that we did it for all those we love and care about. It has been great to see you along the way. Maybe even next year??

      • Linda Kass - September 5, 2011

        I will be right there with you for the century ride in Pelotonia 12, Carol!!

    • Linda Kass - September 5, 2011

      Lee, you described the finish better than I could!! Thanks for your comments and great job on your ride! See you for Pelotonia 12.

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