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Let's celebrate One Goal together

This broadcast is for you, and all other Pelotonia legends who faced a headwind no one anticipated this year. Join us as we continue to push forward, united in a sense of duty. A sense of pride. A sense of shared sacrifice. Because that’s what legends do.

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A Celebration for the Pelotonia Community

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Our One Goal doesn't stop today. You can still support innovative cancer research.

Cancer isn't taking a year off. So neither can we. Donate to fund innovative cancer research today.


How you can celebrate with us

Together, We Rise: A Collection of Community Resources and Inspiration


Virtual Columbus events

The people of Columbus continue to create innovative, fun ways to keep the community engaged. Find a plethora of virtual...



Get inspired, set your goals, then share your progress along the way!



You can re-watch above on pelotonia.org/rise, Pelotonia’s Facebook page or Pelotonia’s YouTube channel. You can also stream it to your computer or through a Smart TV via YouTube and Facebook Watch apps.

No, Pelotonia will not be hosting a physical ride in 2020. Instead we’re redefining what it means to participate in Pelotonia by allowing you to set your own fundraising and activity goals in the new My Pelotonia platform. 

This year we’re putting Pelotonia in the hands of our community to define their own fundraising efforts and goals through our new platform, My Pelotonia. All participants in the new platform will register as a 2020 Legend and set up to five personal activity goals they want to strive for that will provide personal motivation and excitement to their network to support cancer research. All 2020 Legends can set a fundraising goal and will be rewarded with Pelotonia swag for reaching different fundraising milestones. Example activity goals include: 

  • Physical efforts like training to ride a specific number of miles, walking a cumulative distance this summer or mastering a new yoga pose 
  • Community volunteer efforts with local organizations
  • Creative activities such as shaving your head, acts of kindness or teaching children a new skill

The My Pelotonia platform will share goal suggestions when you register, and Pelotonia community leaders are already setting examples: Doug Ulman will ride from Columbus to Cincinnati as his 100+ mile goal and Cindy Hilsheimer, Pelotonia Board Member and Managing Principal, BeecherHill, will walk 200 miles and send an equal number of thank you notes to generous supporters; and Dr. Bill Farrar, CEO of the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, will ride 43 miles, with his wife, to recognize the number of years that he has treated patients at The James.

As we always have, we’ll celebrate all efforts the weekend of August 7 with a live broadcast that mirrors the Pelotonia Opening Ceremony program which our community has come to love and champion each year.

Registration for My Pelotonia will be available June 2. If you have already registered as a Rider, Virtual Rider or Volunteer in 2020, you will need to confirm your participation on the My Pelotonia platform beginning June 2 to have an active 2020 registration.

No, Pelotonia will not require a registration fee this year. If you’ve already paid a Rider registration fee for 2020, you have the option to either (1) apply those funds toward your 2020 fundraising or (2) transfer your registration fee to 2021.

If you have already paid your registration fee, please complete our brief survey available here to tell us how you’d like us to handle your registration fee. Please note, you do not have to fill out this survey if you used a registration fee discount link.

While we will not be enforcing minimum fundraising commitments for 2020, we know that cancer research is more critical today than ever. In place of required fundraising minimums, participants will have the opportunity to earn incentives based on their fundraising efforts.

No, Pelotonia will not have a minimum age to participate in 2020. Gather your family and friends because Legends of all ages are welcome to join!

Where can we help? What can we do together? Want to get involved? Submit your ideas for how we can all Be Legendary.