Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Rider Registration
Get ready for a life-changing experience. Riders inspire us with every sweaty, heart-pounding mile. Choose a distance that works for you. With routes ranging from 25-200 miles, there is something for everyone.
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Virtual Rider Registration
On vacation? Live in Alaska? No worries. Virtual Riders don’t even need to hop on a stationary bike. All you do is set a goal to raise $100, but the sky is the limit.
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Volunteer Registration
Pelotonia Volunteers are the best! They drive the extraordinary experience that is Pelotonia weekend. They are the heart and soul of Pelotonia weekend.
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After 11 years, we pretty much have an answer to every question you might have. Unless of course we don’t. In which case, please send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.
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