Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Virtual Riders

Raise Without Riding

What is a Virtual Rider?

No riding. No volunteering. Just straight-up fundraising. It’s a great way to join the Pelotonia community and do your part to help us reach our One Goal.

  • Virtual Riders commit to raising a minimum of $100 but are encouraged to stretch past their commitment to raise as much money for cancer research as possible.
  • Pelotonia does retain a credit card number that will be charged if the commitment isn’t met by the fundraising deadline.
  • Virtual Riders can register and raise funds until the fundraising deadline of Friday, October 2, 2020.
  • Virtual Riders can become Riders at any point before the event weekend by logging into their personal profile to complete the Rider registration process.
  • Virtual Riders cannot receive shared funds to reach their Virtual Rider minimum fundraising commitment of $100, nor can they share funds below their $100 minimum fundraising commitment.

Virtual Rider perks

Those who commit to being a Virtual Rider before Opening Ceremony will receive:

  • Rotating featured profile on the Virtual Rider page of the Pelotonia website.
  • Virtual Riders who raise a minimum of $500 will receive a piece of Pelotonia swag.
  • Virtual Riders who raise a minimum of $1,250 will gain entrance to the Opening Ceremony for themselves and a guest.
  • Virtual Riders who maintain $5,000 in donations at the end of the fund sharing period will reach High Roller status.  Please see the High Roller page for details.