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Small but Mighty Legends

By The Pelotonia Team|October 02, 2020

The youngest generation of Pelotonia Legends are stepping up in incredible ways for One Goal. Motivated by those affected by cancer in their families and beyond, these kids are setting their own challenges and raising big for cancer research. Check out their stories below!

Marley Lewis: Age 12

Why did you start participating in Pelotonia?
Our journey with cancer started when I was 9. My mom was diagnosed with tongue cancer on my sister’s 5th birthday. It was very hard to watch my mom go through the surgeries and treatments because she was so sick and I could not help her.  Once she was done with her treatments, I helped my mom learn how to eat and talk again and I am proud of how hard she worked to get to where she is today. 
What are you doing to raise money?
After my mom was healthy, I decided to dedicate my time to help find a cure for ALL cancers.  While I am only 12 now, I know how cancer can impact families, and I want to stop other families from experiencing what we experienced.  All donations to Pelotonia are donated to The James and that is the hospital that saved my moms life. That’s when the idea to customize bracelets came to me.  My bracelets are purple and green; purple is the ribbon color for all cancers and green stands for Pelotonia. After many months of fundraising, I have raised over $12,745 and sold over 565 bracelets!   
Why should others get involved in Pelotonia?
Of all the years, this is the year to get involved in Pelotonia!  For the first time ever, and even being only 12 years-old, I was able to sign up for Pelotonia under my own name with no fees and no fundraising commitment.  This was so exciting as I can finally get involved and help to find a cure for ALL cancers.  I believe other people should get involved because there are no fees or commitments.  This year is very different from other years, so why not get involved? Now this is the time because there isn’t an age limit so any age can sign up under their name. You can make a big difference and help find the cure to all cancers!

Nathaniel Hopping: Age 10

Why did you start participating in Pelotonia?
I wanted to make a kids ride for Pelotonia so that kids could ride and raise money for cancer research. I didn’t think that it was fair that kids couldn’t participate and help raise money like the adults.
What are you doing to raise money?
I am asking for donations myself, and I have organized a ride for kids called SpokesKIDS Jr. We get donations from sponsors and the riders raise twenty or more dollars.
Why should others get involved in Pelotonia?
To help find a cure for cancer and to have fun while they do it.
Watch Nathaniel in this clip from Legends LIVE! here.

Addison Gehres: Age 12

Why did you start participating in Pelotonia?
I am involved in Pelotonia because I have had several family members effected by cancer and treated at the James. I see participating in Pelotonia as a way to honor their memory and to help others.
What are you doing to raise money?
This year I organized a Pelotonia ride for my extended family, The Wrendale Riders. I help them set goals, gave them fundraising tips, and created an opening ceremony along with matching t-shirts to create excitement. Since this year was different, I raised funds by involving more people vs. focusing on my individual fundraising. As a family so far we have raised $6,035 this year. Next year, I would like to create an actual Peloton for my family to continue to be involved. I was also excited because this was the first time I have been able to ride in Pelotonia with my mom and dad.
Why should others get involved in Pelotonia?
Others should get involved because everyone has been affected by cancer. Pelotonia is a way to help other families going similar experiences and hopefully one day cure cancer completely.
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