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My Pelotonia Platform Launches

By The Pelotonia Team|June 03, 2020

For the past ten weeks, we have been working to deliver the first phase of a new experience called My Pelotonia to you.  Our goal as we built this concept was to create a legendary platform that was inclusive, that removed barriers to entry, and that celebrated everyone’s efforts. Yesterday, we officially launched  Though we had planned a significant marketing effort around the release, we felt it was necessary to take a step back and join the larger conversation taking place in our community.
As a team, we believe the racial injustices happening in our community and across the country deserve everyone’s attention.  We are all angry and deeply hurting.  We feel called to reflection and action, and we want to very clearly communicate that we will not stand for racism, hatred, and bigotry.  We value and respect each person equally and believe that our differences make us stronger.  We believe Black Lives Matter and that the treatment of black people in our society must change – and that widespread progress begins at the individual, family, and community level.  Those who fail to stand up for what is right will unfortunately be on the wrong side of justice.
As a community, we are committed to listening, to reflecting, to standing up, and to speaking out.  We are committed to doing what is right and to doing better.  We welcome dialogue with you during this critical conversation and beyond, as we work daily to live up to the core values that form the foundation of the Pelotonia community.  We are proud to share the My Pelotonia platform, something we have been working on for months with the goal of letting everyone participate and bringing the focus of our efforts back to the community.
What you’ll see today is a streamlined, initial version of this platform.  You can expect to see new features added weekly, and for the time being, any functionality that you are not currently able to access with My Pelotonia can be accessed by logging into your previous profile at  To learn more about My Pelotonia and how the site will work, please watch the video below.
Introducing the My Pelotonia Platform
We believe that Pelotonia should be a shining example of inclusion and collaboration in our community.  We invite you to join us, visit and declare your legendary Pelotonia goals today. Because together, we are stronger.
The Pelotonia Team
Kris Anderson, Joe Apgar, Carolyn Appelhans, Simone Attles, Gabby Blauert,
Nick Denby, Ashley Ellashek, Janelle Goldbach, Tammi Gourley,
Lauren Graham, Jill Londino, Molly Lyons, Eric Olsavsky, Wes Sims,
Emily Smith, Doug Ulman, Steph Zimmerman
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