Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Manager / Chair

Daniel Rosenthal
Chief Financial Officer, Root Insurance Company


Victor Crawford
Chief Executive Officer – Pharmaceutical segment, Cardinal Health


Cindy Hilsheimer
Managing Principal, BeecherHill


Mark Larmore, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center 


Dr. Raphael Pollock
Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center


Robert H. Schottenstein
Chief Executive Officer, M/I Homes, Inc.


Julie Sloat
Senior Vice President – Treasury & Risk, American Electric Power


Steve Steinour
Chairman, President and CEO, Huntington Bancshares Inc.


Morley O. Stone, PhD
Senior Vice President for Research, The Ohio State University


Abigail Wexner
CEO, Whitebarn Associates

Dr. Michael A. Caligiuri
Board Emeritus

Michael C. Eicher
Board Emeritus


Kris-AndersonGeneral Manager, The Ride

Kristopher Anderson

Job Description

Kris oversees the day-to-day operations and logistics of Pelotonia ride weekend, the Ride Safe Initiative Program, rider/volunteer recruitment, and the planning of other Pelotonia events such as Pelotonia on the Patio and the annual Check Celebration.

Favorite Pelotonia Memory
“Like a lot of other good things in life, you always remember your first. Even with years of experience in sports management and event operations, nothing compares to my first ride in 2011. Between the start of setup for the Opening Ceremony, thousands of Riders lined up in the chute, the energy of our volunteers, the signs and cheers along the route, watching that last Rider cross the finish on Sunday, the random “thank-you[s]” and hugs from people I had never met, and all the personal stories heard and shared throughout, it was unlike anything I had been part of before.”

Joe-ApgarChief Operating Officer 

Joe Apgar

Job Description
Joe is responsible for developing and overseeing all strategic efforts to increase awareness of, participation in, and support for the Pelotonia movement, as well as ensuring the strategic and responsible utilization of Pelotonia funds. Joe oversees the Ride, PULLL, merchandise, marketing and communications, and all mission-related projects and initiatives.

What does Pelotonia mean to you?
“Pelotonia is the result of amazing community collaboration coexisting with a passion towards a common goal — to end cancer. It represents moving our world to a better future and the hope to see a cure in our lifetime. Both myself and my sister are cancer survivors, so this mission is very personal to me. The opportunity for Pelotonia to be a national and worldwide movement is real, and I’m excited to do my small part in making that become a reality.”

Community Engagement Coordinator

Carolyn Appelhans


Job Description
Carolyn is responsible for supporting the strategic planning, recruitment, coordination, and ongoing communication with all Pelotonia volunteers, riders and virtual riders. 

What does Pelotonia mean to you?

“To me, Pelotonia means community. It allows us to bring together the community to overcome a senseless disease that has impacted almost everyone in some sort of way. Whether someone is a Rider, Virtual Rider, Volunteer, or Donor, everyone apart of Pelotonia is doing their part to create a better tomorrow for the entire community.”

Marketing Manager, PULLL

Simone Attles

Job Description
Simone is responsible for serving as the PULLL brand ambassador while building, monitoring, supporting, and interacting with the PULLL community to create a engaged community of users.

Favorite Pelotonia Memory
“My favorite Pelotonia memory has to be last year’s (my first) Ride somewhere between mile 30 and 40. I had been riding alone for a while and this group rolled up behind me blasting Earth, Wind and Fire on a bike speaker. Instant. Mood. Boost. It was a great reminder that when things get tough in life to not be afraid to lean on others for a little extra motivation.”

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Gabby Blauert

Job Description

Gabby is responsible for supporting the marketing and communication efforts for all aspects of our organization. She manages Pelotonia’s social media accounts, writes blog posts, and schedules interviews for the podcast One Goal, among other communications tasks.

What does Pelotonia mean to you?
“To me, Pelotonia is inspiring. It’s a collection of experiences and stories that revolve around a common purpose and One Goal. Pelotonia means coming together as a community to encourage others, promote new ideas, and think big for the future. I’m honored to be a part of this growing, thriving group of individuals who are making a difference in the community and fighting to end cancer.”

Nick DenbyChief Financial Officer

Nick Denby

Job Description
Nick is responsible for creating, implementing, and managing all the internal financial and information technology strategies and systems of the organization.

What does Pelotonia mean to you?
“I was drawn to Pelotonia by its reputation, it’s single focus on ending cancer and the overwhelming support in the community. Pelotonia staff, riders, donors and volunteers are an amazing group of people who all share the common desire to do all they can to fund life-saving initiatives at the James. I am honored to be part of the Pelotonia community, where 100% of Rider-raised dollars go directly to life-saving cancer research.”

Merchandising Manager

Ashley Ellashek

Job Description
Ashley oversees our merchandise program which includes The Shop at the Pelotonia HQ, our online store, as well as merchandise tents on Ride Weekend and throughout the year.

Favorite Pelotonia Memory:
“My favorite memory is the year I decided to push myself to ride 50 miles. I wanted the opportunity to stretch outside of my comfort zone, put the time and effort into training and show my fundraising support by raising even more. Yet, all of my friends and coworkers were only completing 25 miles, so the second half was up to me and my own motivation. As I continued the ride on my own, I was amazed at all the other single riders, pushing and motivating strangers along the way. The sense of community and support was tremendous which is why I continue to participate year after year!”

Janelle-GoldbachGift Processing Manager

Janelle Goldbach

Job Description
Janelle facilitates the processing of all donations and matching gifts. She also oversees Pelotonia’s financial and administrative processes.

Favorite Pelotonia Memory
“During the event weekend, the Riders were in tears as they crossed the finish line. I looked around and saw several signs that said, “thank you for saving my life.” That’s when I knew Pelotonia had so much impact on the community.”

Events and Volunteer Manager

Lauren Graham 

Job Description
Lauren is responsible for assisting with the planning and execution of all operational aspects of Pelotonia’s annual cycling event and additional events throughout the year.

What does Pelotonia mean to you? 

To me, Pelotonia simply means inspiration. It means working towards the goal of longer lives for my mother, sister, and the countless others around each and every one of us who are battling or have conquered this dreadful disease. It means seeing an entire community come together for that One Goal, working together towards something so meaningful. As a rider, it has always meant challenging myself and drawing strength from cancer survivors and fighters, who show immense amounts of strength every single day in their battles. It means being part of the Greatest Team Ever and being part of the unique, caring, and the amazing family that the Pelotonia community has become!  

Jill-LondinoDirector of Operations & Strategic Projects

Jill Londino

Job Description
Jill is responsible for overseeing the strategy and development of operational projects designed to strengthen the organization’s long-term success.

Favorite Pelotonia Memory
“In 2016 my parents each signed up to ride 25 miles – which is totally out of their comfort zones. They (and I) were nervous for their rides, but they finished with such pride and had the time of their lives! Later that day while sitting in the food tent at Kenyon my mom got to meet the James physician who would go on to later treat her. Such a full-circle experience.”

Matching Gifts Manager

Molly Lyons

Job Description
Molly is responsible for managing Pelotonia’s matching gift strategy and systems and identifying, researching, coordinating and processing all matching gifts in order to maximize fundraising revenue.

What does Pelotonia mean to you?
“To me, Pelotonia symbolizes hope.  It gives individuals the opportunity to rally together, support one another and truly work towards finding a cure for an unruly disease that has impacted us all in some way. Being part of a team and community that gives 100% in every single way is truly an honor. It gives me confidence and hope that we will reach our One Goal and overcome this disease together.”

Eric OlsavskyDirector of Community Engagement & Partnerships

Eric Olsavsky

Job Description

Eric is responsible for identifying and cultivating relationships with corporations, corporate foundations and private foundations in order to secure significant cancer research dollars, in addition to the funds needed to support Pelotonia’s annual operations budget and the overall fiscal stability of the organization.

What does Pelotonia mean to you?
“Pelotonia is representative of what can be accomplished when a community aligns for a common goal. Pelotonia means that we will never be alone. I am honored and humbled to be able to contribute to the success of Pelotonia. As the son of a breast cancer survivor, Pelotonia emits a ray of hope for my family… and instills confidence that we will all overcome. Onward we go, One Goal in mind.”

Head of Product, PULLL

Wes Sims

Job Description
Wes is responsible for setting a clear vision and strategy for PULLL, managing day to day operations and ensuring that the PULLL team works collaboratively—as we grow our digital community in support of the Pelotonia mission.

What does Pelotonia mean to you?
“Pelotonia symbolizes the world I wish for my children and for the generations that follow—a true community—coming together and rallying around a goal and a purpose. It’s a powerful force that’s all-inclusive, warm, welcoming, brave and idealistic—a team of friends, family, neighbors, and strangers willing to tackle a problem together as one. Most importantly, it’s a movement that recognizes that no contribution is too small, no effort is wasted and that we all have an opportunity to be the “one more” person that helps us all forward.”

Emily SmithMarketing & Communications Manager

Emily Smith

Job Description
Emily is responsible for developing the marketing and communications strategy for all aspects of our organization in an effort to increase awareness, community, and participation for Pelotonia. She also manages our social media and public relationships strategy, as well as our email communication.

Favorite Pelotonia Memory
“I have been a Pelotonia Rider for the past few years and my favorite memory is seeing a man along the route who holds a sign that says, “Thank you for saving my wife.” He is there every year, rain or shine, with a smile on his face, cowbell in hand, and that bright yellow shirt. Each year I look for him and he pushes me to ride harder for his wife, and anyone else who has been impacted by this dreadful disease.”

Doug-UlmanPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Doug Ulman

Job Description
Doug is responsible for overseeing the strategic vision and direction of Pelotonia and also serves as an advisor to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

What does Pelotonia Mean to You?
“Pelotonia symbolizes the best in humanity. It represents a broad, global community of people coming together to tackle one of our greatest challenges. A community with one goal. A community who believes that together we can end cancer. As a cancer survivor myself, and the son of a breast cancer survivor and a prostate cancer survivor, Pelotonia is very personal. Being a small part of a movement that is impacting the lives of so many people is an honor, and I am excited to see all that the Pelotonia community can accomplish in the future.”

Director of Stewardship and Special Assistant to the CEO 

Steph Zimmerman

Job Description

Steph oversees Pelotonia’s stewardship strategy, ensuring that our community feels appreciated and understands the impact of their support. She also provides high-level administrative support to Pelotonia’s Chief Executive Officer, Doug Ulman.

Favorite Pelotonia Memory
“My favorite Pelotonia memory so far was the 2015 Check Presentation. It was only my third week on staff, so the check presentation was my first “official” Pelotonia event. It was amazing to look back as we celebrated more than $100 million raised for cancer research, and to look ahead at our exciting future.”