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Day One of the Rest of Alex’s Life

Day One of the Rest of Alex’s Life

This is Chapter 9 in the on-going story of Alex Kip, 23, and his battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Type B) cancer.

Make sure to check out the video of Alex below the text…

Alex finally received his stem cell transplant Tuesday morning after six long, grueling days of chemo and it was … anticlimactic.

“It was 30 minutes and done,” Alex said of the procedure to put about 7.7 million of his own stem cells back into his body. “But I’m glad it was like that – it’s better than suffering.”

This is Jacqueline Yunker, Alex's practical case assistant nurses - and also a Pelotonia rider.

Alex has been busy, chatting with a never-ending stream of visitors, opening and reading the thousands of cards he has received – and eating a couple of schools of Swedish fish, which are his favorite candy. Soon he will be unhooked from his IV pole, which has been like a shadow, and will able to roam the halls of The James at his leisure.

He’s also been exercising diligently, although maybe a bit too diligently for one nurse.

“I was on the treadmill, going about 4.7 miles per hour,” he said. “This nurse comes in and is talking to me, but I had my headphones on and couldn’t hear her. I thought she was saying something like, ‘Good job.'”

She wasn’t – and when Alex took out his headphones, he got an earful.

“She said I was going way too fast, that my platelets are low and I was only supposed to go 2 miles per hour, but she’d let me go 3 miles per hour,” he said, adding he thought this was ridiculously slow, but reluctantly followed the nurse’s instructions.

“When I got back to my room and changed, I saw there was blood dripping out of my line, so maybe she was right,” Alex said.

Sorry Alex, but nurses are almost always right, even when they tell you something you don’t want to hear.

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1 Comment

  1. Ann Napoletan - February 5, 2011

    Alex, you are truly an inspiration. Sending you many prayers and lots of healing energy. Keep smiling!!

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