Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Volunteer Info

We could not host Pelotonia weekend without the help of over 2,700 Volunteers, so Pelotonia is extremely grateful for the time, talent, and energy that our dedicated Volunteers bring.  Please join us as a Volunteer for Pelotonia 16. Alumni Volunteer registration for Pelotonia 16 will open in mid April. Any Volunteer questions can be sent to Amber Herron at

Volunteer FAQ

Do Volunteers have a minimum fundraising commitment?

There is no fundraising requirement for Volunteers but fundraising is certainly encouraged. Just think, if every volunteer raises just $100, we can donate another $250,000 more toward life-saving cancer research. Volunteers can create a profile, share stories and use all of the same fundraising tools as Riders.

Where and when can I volunteer?

Pelotonia will host Volunteers at the Opening Ceremony on Friday and at every start, finish, and stop along the route on Saturday and Sunday.  For more detailed locations, activities and shifts, check out the Volunteer Registration page or the Volunteer Activities descriptions page.

How do I confirm what Volunteer Activity I signed up for?

To review what Volunteer Activity you chose, select “Login/Search” from the upper right-hand corner of the website. Once logged in, select “Manage My Volunteer Activities” to see your selection(s).

How do I switch or delete my Volunteer Activity?

Click the “Login/Search” button in the top right-hand corner of the Pelotonia website. Once logged in, click “My Information: My Volunteer Activities” to edit or delete your selection.

Why won’t the site let me register as a Volunteer if I am already registered as a Rider?

The website recognizes each email address only one time. If you are a registered rider and would also like to register as a Volunteer, please create a Volunteer profile using a separate email address.  Please make sure to check both email addresses frequently as important information will be communicated only by email.

What is the minimum age to Volunteer?

You must be at least 14 years old to volunteer. To register as a Minor Volunteer, please visit the Minor Volunteer Registration page.

Can my children accompany me while I volunteer?

All Volunteers must be registered and the minimum age for Volunteers is 14 years old.  Please refrain from bringing small children with you during your Volunteer Activity. If you would like to have your family join you at a start, rest stop or finish line, we encourage them to come and cheer on Riders but please arrange for another adult to monitor your children during your shift so that you are able to focus on your Volunteer responsibilities.

What should I wear when volunteering?

All Pelotonia Volunteers will receive a T-shirt upon arrival at their first shift.  Please note that if you plan to volunteer for more than one activity or shift you will receive only one t-shirt.  In addition to the supplied T-shirt, we suggest wearing lightweight fabrics, comfortable shoes and sunscreen. Please keep in mind that all activities are outdoors and volunteers will likely be on their feet for a majority of their selected shift(s).

What should I bring when volunteering?

Volunteers are welcome to bring sunscreen, water bottles, and/or a small cooler or snacks, especially if you have any special dietary requirements.

How will I receive further details regarding my Volunteer shift(s)?

Your Lead Volunteers for the Volunteer Activity or activities you chose will contact you with information prior to Pelotonia weekend. The earlier you register, the more often you are likely to hear from your Lead Volunteer. If you haven’t heard from your Lead Volunteer by July 19 or if you have a specific question for your Lead Volunteer, you will be able to find his/her contact information under “My Information: My Volunteer Activities” when you are logged into your profile.

What is required of a Photography Volunteer?

There are no specific requirements to be a Photography Volunteer.  However, we do ask that you supply your own camera or additional equipment.  As we get closer to the event, your Lead Volunteer will contact you with further details. After Pelotonia weekend your Lead Volunteer will communicate all necessary information on how to upload photos taken during the event.

*Please note:  Only Volunteers who have registered through the Pelotonia website will be considered Pelotonia Volunteers and receive details surrounding their Volunteer Activity.


Volunteer Opportunities


These tasks will vary depending on the immediate needs during the week before the event but tasks may include warehouse duties, supply organization, venue set-up, and goody bag assembly, among others.  Pre-event Volunteers will be contacted via email with further details as needs for these Volunteers arise.

Lead Volunteers

Lead Volunteers are responsible for all of the activities of their Volunteer Teams at their chosen locations and/or under their specific responsibilities. If you choose to be a Lead Volunteer, you must be willing to make yourself available the entire time the Volunteer Team activities that you are leading occur.  The times required will vary by responsibilities at some locations.  In addition to being available during Pelotonia weekend, Lead Volunteers will also be expected to participate in pre-event meetings and be responsible for communicating many event details to their Volunteer Team. If you are interested in being a Lead Volunteer for the first time please email Amber Herron at to express your interest in the position. Please understand that there is an application process for Lead Volunteers.

Volunteer Team Activities

ARES: Coordinates communication with the Pelotonia Command Center at various locations along the route. Please note, you must hold a valid Amateur Radio Operator License and be permitted to operate on the 2m and 70cm bands. You will also need to supply your own radio equipment and have the ability to operate on at least 2m bands (mobile radios with at least 35 watts are recommended).

Bike Management: Handles organization, storage and shipment of bikes at various locations along the route. Please note, this activity may involve heavy lifting. Volunteers choosing to work Bike Management on Sunday, August 7th may experience periods of downtime and are welcome to bring a book or other small activity.

Dorm Room Management: Coordinates distribution of dorm room assignments and generally assists riders who are staying in dorm rooms at the 100-mile finish.

Expo Area: Manages set-up of expo area prior to event and activities of expo vendors during Opening Ceremony festivities.

First Aid: Provides Riders, Volunteers, Spectators and other participants with first aid assistance at venue sites and along the route. Please note, all Volunteers in this role should have BLS training and/or medical background.

First Aid Support Vehicles: Volunteers who ride in vehicles along the route to troubleshoot and assist riders as necessary. Please note, all Volunteers in this role should be licensed physicians, paramedics, EMT’s, athletic trainers, Physicians Assistants nurses and/or have experience with mass coverage events.

Food & Beverage: Assist with serving food and beverages to Riders and guests at various venue sites. Also makes sure all areas are clean and free of debris.  Please note, this activity may involve heavy lifting.

General: Supplements volunteer teams and performs various tasks as necessary. Please note, this activity may involve heavy lifting.

Hospitality: Greets Riders and guests and assists with their needs at various locations.

Information/Questions: Responds to inquiries at various locations.

Luggage Management: Coordinates organization, storage, shipment and delivery of Riders’ luggage.

Massage Therapists/Chiropractors: Provides short massages to Riders after their rides at the 100 and 180 mile finishes.

Mechanical Crew: Provides mechanical assistance to Riders at various locations and/or along the route. Please note: All Mechanical Volunteers must be able to change a tire, pump a tire, and perform minor drive train adjustments. All Mechanical Volunteers must also bring their own tools including a floor pump, wrenches, tire levers, hex/allen wrenches and screw drivers.

Parking and Entry Gates: Manages parking lots and entry gates at venue sites.

Photography: Takes photographs and shoots video during Pelotonia weekend.

Rest Stop Coordinator: Coordinates distribution of supplies to rest stops along the route and assists Lead Volunteers at rest stops as needed.

Site Beautification: Assists with clean up and tear down at the hub sites. Please note, this activity may involve heavy lifting.

Warehouse Crew: Aids in loading trucks of supplies for distribution to venue locations and rest stops and unloading and organizing items as they return. Please note: This activity may involve heavy lifting and periods of downtime. Please feel free to bring a book or small activity.