Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Route Characteristics

Although Pelotonia offers Riders ten different ride options, all of Pelotonia’s participants travel along the same route until they reach their chosen finish lines. The following discusses the basic characteristics of the 10 different ride options on Pelotonia’s route.

25 Mile Route

35 Mile Route

45 Mile Route

55 Mile Reynolds Road Route

55 Mile Bennington Chapel Route

75 Mile Reynolds Road Route

75 Mile Bennington Chapel Route

80 Mile Return Route

100 Mile Bennington Chapel Route

100 Mile Reynolds Road Route

100 Mile Return Route


25-mile ride to Pickerington

This route is well-suited to a beginner level Rider as our shortest distance option offers a ride with less than 600 feet of elevation.

1 rest stop


35-mile ride to New Albany (Sunday only)

Route description coming soon!


45-mile ride to New Albany

This route is well-suited to an intermediate level rider who has trained and can easily ride the first 25 miles, but does not yet have the stamina or conditioning to ride 100 miles. The 1,255 feet of elevation will provide some climb as Riders proceed to the New Albany finish.

3 rest stops


55/100-mile ride to Gambier

These routes are for more experienced Riders. The new 55-mile ride will start in New Albany so these Riders can share the same finish celebration in Gambier as those riding 100 miles and starting in Columbus. Riders selecting this option will have a decision to make for the final 30 miles into Gambier. When Riders reach Dutch Lane in Licking County, the route will split, offering two distinctly different riding experiences for the final leg of the tour. Riders who want challenging climbs for the final 30 miles will select the iconic Reynolds Road stretch, while the Bennington Chapel alternative offers a fulfilling yet less rigorous final leg of the ride. The Reynolds Road option offers over 4,600 feet of climbing, while the Bennington Chapel route offers approximately 3,500 feet of elevation.

4/6 rest stops

New Albany to Gambier–55 mile route (Reynolds Road)


New Albany to Gambier–55 mile route (Bennington Chapel)


Columbus to Gambier—100 mile route (Reynolds Road)


Columbus to Gambier—100 mile route (Bennington Chapel)


75-mile ride to Gambier

Route descriptions coming soon!

Pickerington to Gambier–75 mile route (Bennington Chapel)


Pickerington to Gambier—75 mile route (Reynolds Road)


80-mile ride from Gambier to New Albany

On day two, these Riders depart Gambier and head back towards Columbus. The Sunday route will present a completely different ride with roads that wind through scenic Ohio farmland not encountered on Saturday. Two-day Riders will enjoy a more pleasurable return to Columbus as elevation for this route totals approximately 3,500 feet as compared to over 4,800 feet of climbing encountered in previous years.

4 rest stops


100-mile ride from Gambier to New Albany

Route description coming soon!