Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Fundraising Tips

When you ask someone to donate to your Pelotonia ride, you are giving them an opportunity to do something good for others, and, in turn, feel good about themselves. Here are some tips for your Pelotonia fundraising campaign:

Customize a Rider profile page

  • Customize your Rider profile by uploading photos, a story of why you ride and your fundraising goal.
  • Create a personal Vanity URL, which allows you to easily share your Rider profile with potential donors. This feature can be found within your profile by selecting “Manage My Profile: Vanity URL”.

Customize your email signature

  • Add a direct link to your Rider profile page to your email signature.

Make it personal

  • When asking for donations in person, be confident and remember that you are not asking for yourself but for funds to support cancer research.
  • Remember that you can still raise funds until the two months after Pelotonia weekend, so continue to send friendly reminders to those who have not donated.
  • Write a personalized letter or email explaining why Pelotonia is important to you. A template can be found within your profile by selecting “Manage My Profile: Fundraising Letter/Solicit Donors”.
  • Make a video asking for donations and post it on social media or include it in your email solicitation.

Keep donors engaged throughout the year

  • After you have reached your fundraising goal, notify your donors and thank them for their help.
  • Invite donors to join you at various Pelotonia events throughout the year.
  • Send an email after the ride to talk about your experience and share pictures from Pelotonia weekend.
  • Email the overall fundraising total after Pelotonia announces it at the end of the year.
  • Highlight how Pelotonia funds are being used by directing donors to the “Where the Money Goes” page of the Pelotonia website.

Use your resources

  •  Ask your friends, family and coworkers if they will join you in your fundraising efforts by asking their network to support your ride.
  •  If you are riding in honor of someone who is battling cancer, make it known, and they may be willing to solicit additional donors.

Donations in lieu of gifts

  • Ask that a donation be made to your Pelotonia account, in lieu of gifts for a wedding, birthday or holiday.

Send thank you notes

  • After you receive a donation, send an email, make a call or write a handwritten note to show your gratitude for their support

Social media slam

  • Create a Facebook page and invite people to follow your progress with fundraising and training.
  • Regularly post a link to your Rider profile on your personal Facebook page or use the hashtags #Pelotonia and #OneGoal when providing updates on Twitter.

Corporate donations can double donations

  • Many companies will match their employee’s charitable donations, so ask your donors to check with their HR department. A $50 donation easily turns into a $100 donation!
  • Check with your own company to see if they will match a donations that you make to your own Pelotonia ride.

Host a party

  • Decide the type of fundraising party you want to host (ex. party at your house, golf tournament, wine tasting or casino night)
  •  Include a 50/50 raffle, silent auction or make items available to buy.
  • Provide an instruction sheet on how to donate online or set up a “donation station” that has a computer set to your Rider profile page.

Use your community and promote locally

  • Ask a local bar or restaurant to host a community night where a percentage of proceeds are donated to your ride.
  • Distribute posters promoting your Pelotonia ride around your neighborhood’s shops and restaurants. Include a picture of yourself, your reasons for riding, the Pelotonia website ( and information on how to donate to your ride.
  • Offer to have the names of local merchants printed on a custom riding jersey or t-shirt that you will wear during Pelotonia weekend.

Organize a workout class

  • See if your favorite instructor will donate their time to teach a class at your gym.
  • Request a minimum donation from attendees.
  • Ask the manager if they will promote the class throughout the gym by using printed ads, social media or an email.

Host a yard sale or bake sale

  • Host a yard sale or bake sale with a portion of the sales supporting your Pelotonia ride.
  • Auction an item, such as a cake of the month, a care package of the month to a student away at school or a specialty dessert for a dinner party.