Pelotonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: to end cancer
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Fundraising Opportunities

Category: Fundraising Opportunities


Pelotonia Necklaces - Portion goes back to your fundraising!

Pelotonia necklaces for sale!

25% of every necklace goes back to YOUR fundraising committment. Just put your RIDER ID number in your order and we will get that $$ donated to your account!

Shop now:

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Facebook Shopping Event with Beautycounter - Virtual Fundraiser

Hello! I used to live in Columbus and have supported Pelotonia for years. Cancer has affected too many friends to count, and I'd like to help again.

I'm a Beautycounter Consultant, and will donate 15% of a virtual shopping event's sales to your ride. Pick a date, create a FB Event, & invite your friends.

Beautycounter’s mission aligns well with Pelotonia. Our goal is to have a more transparent personal care industry, one without harmful ingredients linked to cancer and other serious illnesses. Plus our products are high-performing and safer - we've banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals.

Learn more:
Reply to this ad if you're interested :)

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Party for Pelotonia at Flanagan's Pub in Blacklick

Thursday, July 12 from 6- 10 pm join us at Flanagan's Pub in Blacklick. $25 will get you 4 draft beers & 1 raffle ticket along with a $15 donation to Pelotonia. We will be raffling many items to raise even more money for Pelotonia...some items are:
Cincinnati Reds tickets
Kings Island tickets
private studio session at Art Garden Studios, LLC
Foursome for golf, brunch and pool passes at Jefferson CC
Gahanna Golf and pool passes
Cosi tickets
and much more!

There will also be live music.

We hope to see you there!

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Oldfields North Fourth Tavern

We have a bar, and you need donations for your ride. Oldfields has been a huge supporter of Pelotonia fundraisers over the years, and this year is no different. If you are looking to set up a happy hour where you will receive 25% of the total sales back to your ride, please send us an email to work out a date this summer. Days and time slots are going fast, so contact us soon!

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Fundraising Opportunities with Stella & Dot - Plan a Shop for a Cause event!

Hello! As a previous rider, I was always looking for ways to raise money. And a way that was FUN for my friends and family, and not going to them with my hand out. I am a stylist with Stella & Dot, and would love to help you with a Bike for Bling get together!
We would choose a date and invite your friends and family. They can stop by and enjoy snacks and drinks while they shop apparel, jewelry, bags and more, with 15% of their purchase supporting your campaign. PLUS, you always earn amazing rewards for hosting. Yes, that is a donation PLUS free stuff!
Visit my website at to see our entire product selection. Like what you see? Email and we can schedule your Bike for Bling. One Goal! -A

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The Daily Growler Fundraising Event Help!

Hi everyone! As a previous rider, I know I was always looking for ways to raise money. The Daily Growler, a bar here in Columbus, would love to help out with this for anyone looking. We have a great private space in our German Village location that would be great for a fundraising event!

For the fundraising event, we are happy to donate either a percent of sales or an amount per drink depending on what works best for your fundraising goals! If possible, we like to collect the reservation fee, but we can work on this depending on your needs.

Please email if you are interested. Thanks everyone. One Goal! -Sydney

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Pelotonia is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information received from individuals or other organizations. Please contact the event sponsor for any questions about items available for sale. We encourage any exchanges / monetary exchanges to be done at internet purchase exchange zones located at Police headquarters.